What is an ePOS system?

If you are in the market for a new POS system for your business then the chances are good that you have seen the term ePOS system floating around online, but what exactly is an ePOS system? How is it any different from a conventional POS system?

Web Based

First, ePOS systems are entirely web-based. Depending on the service you choose, you may be hosting the server yourself or leasing it from the company that supplies your POS. Since ePOS systems are web-based, they negate the need for custom hardware. Instead, you can run your POS system from an iPad, Windows PC, or even a Linux machine in many cases. This is because the ePOS system is designed to run in a web browser or an app, not replace the operating system as a whole as older systems did.

Why Choose an ePOS system

There are many benefits to choosing an ePOS system instead of a traditional POS system. First, ePOS offers you the ability to manage your POS system from anywhere you have an internet connection. Depending on the system you choose, you may even be able to keep track of everything at each of your locations from a simple app on your phone.

Next, because an ePOS system can run on a range of hardware, the initial cost to install the system is significantly reduced. Yes, you will still have to buy a receipt printer and a few other pieces that are needed to make the most of your POS system, but you do not have to purchase custom hardware from the POS vendor that will only ever serve a single purpose. This also means that repairs are much more manageable since in many cases you can simply configure a new iPad and restore it from the old one to pick up right where you left off.

What Limitations do ePOS Systems Have?

The only limitations to an ePOS system are what you choose not to buy. Most ePOS systems are much more robust products than their POS predecessors, but you will still be limited in what you can do with your system if you choose not to buy the needed hardware. For example, there is no point in purchasing an ePOS system with barcode support if you are not going to buy a barcode scanner.


EPOS systems are quickly replacing traditional POS systems and for a good reason. Web-based systems offer for greater flexibility, lower costs and a more resilient system that is easier to repair when things do go wrong.

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