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TouchBistro is the number one used, app-based POS system in 33 countries around the world. It is built from the ground up as a restaurant POS system, rather than being adapted from a retail POS system. TouchBistro scales up and can be used for small to large restaurants with ease.

By virtue of being one of the largest app-based POS systems in the world, TouchBistro also offers some of the best features when it comes to restaurant ePOS. One area where TouchBistro beats out the competition is its inventory system. While most Point of sale systems offer an inventory tracking system, TouchBistro offers one of the most functional and customizable inventory systems in ePOS today. For example, TouchBistro allows you to enter recipes and efficiently track the cost of individual recipes to determine which offer the most profitability.

Touchbistro POS offers

TouchBistro also offers a customer loyalty feature for an additional cost. This allows you to sell and reload gift cards as well as give customers loyalty points which can be redeemed however you choose. The loyalty packages also allow you to send out email messages and target specific customers with discounts and rewards.

What Integration does TouchBistro Offer?

TouchBistro offers several third-party integrations to make running your business smoother and more profitable. Perhaps one of the best integrations on the list is with QuickBooks. This allows you to easily export your POS data from TouchBistro to Quickbooks when tax time rolls around.

TouchBistro has also partnered with JUST EAT to allow you to set up online ordering easily, saving time for you and the customer. TouchBistro also offers compatibility with 14 of the top credit card processors, giving you the choice of who you want processing your credit card purchases. Keep in mind, however, that TouchBistro itself can run offline, but your credit card processor does require an active internet connection to process transactions.

While TouchBistro offers an excellent ePOS system, it lacks some of the features of more robust management systems such as time management and some productivity tracking. Customer service can also be slow to respond or have long wait times.


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