Looking for a retail POS system for your store? Here an overview of POS suppliers!

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What you need in a retail point of sale

Is your store still running a cash register, rather than an POS system? If you are looking for a new POS system to replace your old cash register or traditional POS system, it can seem overwhelming with so many choices and different feature sets. The important thing to remember is to purchase a system designed for your business type. While there is a significant crossover between POS systems for retail and restaurants, they are far from being the same product.

Inventory Management

This is going to be perhaps the most significant difference between the two types of POS systems from a retail perspective. While both systems will offer inventory management built into the product, restaurant systems specifically designed systems for tracking recipes and determining which dishes will provide the most profit. You do not need this functionality in retail. Retail systems are designed to store more unique data types. Where a restaurant may only need to store 100 different products, a retail establishment may need to save several thousand. Retail inventory systems are designed to handle massive amounts of data as fast as possible to reduce your wait time and increase productivity.

A retail POS inventory system should also be able to remove a product from your inventory when it is purchased, unlike a restaurant system which will make assumptions based on the dish that is wrung up.

Checkout Time

Another difference to consider is how purchases are handled by both typed of establishments. When you go to a restaurant and sit down, you do not usually order everything at once.

This means the server will have to keep your order open until you are ready. While this function greatly benefits restaurants, it could quickly become irritation when working in retail where you open and close the transaction all at once.

What Makes POS Different?

An POS system is designed to run through a web browser or app. This means that you do not have to purchase expensive, proprietary hardware that only serves one purpose. Most POS systems are designed to run on either an iPad or Windows PC; therefore, they have a minimal hardware cost. Since the systems are easy to set up, most companies offer service monthly, rather than long term contracts. For you, this means less money spent and less hassle if you decide you don’t like your current system.


You should always purchase the right tool for the job. POS systems are no different, if you are running a retail store, buy a retail POS system to make the most of the features it offers.