Hardware for Your ePOS System

One of the most significant benefits of modern ePOS systems is hardware flexibility. Most older systems require proprietary hardware that has custom firmware installed, meaning the system is only useful as a ePOS system, and if something goes wrong, you must call the vendor to get it resolved. Modern systems, however, are internet based and therefore, can be run on a wide range of hardware.

What Do You Need to Run The System?

This depends on the system you choose to use. Most ePOS systems have an app for the Apple iPad, but many also offer a webpage option. This means that you can run your point of sale from any computer running Windows. Depending on the system you may even be able to use Linux if you want, but you are more likely to experience driver problems with your accessory hardware.

Just because the system is internet based, that does not mean that you must run your own server. When you sign up for an ePOS service, you are also paying for the vendor to host your system on their servers. This means less hardware to purchase, less maintenance to perform, and a lower power bill for you. It also means that when something does go wrong on the server side, the vendor already has technicians trained explicitly on their systems ready to fix the problem.

What Additional Hardware Do You Need?

This depends on what kind of business you are running, but there are two primary components that you are likely to need. The first is a receipt printer. It doesn’t matter if you are running a retail store or a restaurant; you need a printer to print your receipts. Most likely, you can purchase one that is approved for use with your system from the vendor when you sign up for service.

The second thing you will need is a barcode scanner. If you are running a restaurant, you may not need this, but for retail, it is indispensable. A barcode scanner will let you make quick work of your inventory and is well worth the extra cost.

Credit Card Reader

The type of reader you will need will depend on the hardware you choose to use. There is a wide range of readers for both iPads and Windows PC to choose from, depending on your device. Again, you should consult your vendor to make sure you do not end up purchasing an expensive paperweight.


With the advent of the ePOS system, the hardware requirements for point of sales have dropped dramatically. Where you previously had to purchase the hardware from the vendor and rely entirely on them for support, you now have a much wider range of choices, often for a lower cost.

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