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Like many modern ePOS systems, Vend made its debut in 2010 and has continued to grow since that time. Vend is entirely cloud-based, so there is no local infrastructure to worry about beyond your iPad and receipt printer. Vend has managed to create a ePOS system that is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive on the front-end while adding just about all of the features you would expect from a well-rounded ePOS system into the back-end.

Vend Retail ePOS something for you?

Vend, unlike many other ePOS systems, offers a variety of monthly subscriptions. These include Vend Lite, Pro, and Multi-Outlet. The Lite plan is mainly targeted towards small businesses and provides support for a single register and a $20,000 per month turnover limit. You can also add additional registers to your subscription for an additional fee. Pro has the same features and limitations as Lite but also offers other benefits such as the option to have a loyalty program, eCommerce, API access, advanced reporting, and gift cards. Lastly, the Multi-Outlet plan offers six or more outlets as well as a dedicated account manager and premium support. Additional registers still must be purchased separately.

How Does it Work?

Vend is different from other, similar, ePOS systems in that it is not strictly an iOS app for your iPad. Vend does offer an iOS app, but the primary system is based on HTML5 and can run in your web browser. If your internet goes down, then Vend will run off of the cached data and will sync with the cloud database when the connection is back up.

What Won’t It Do?

Vend is primarily a retail ePOS system, so it lacks features that would be useful in a restaurant or beverage vendor. It does not offer table mapping or a way to add tips to a check.


Vend is an excellent, scalable ePOS system for small to large retail businesses, but lacks features that many restaurateurs need.

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7.8 Good


  • Retail ePOS
  • Multi-store
  • Inventory management
  • Reporting


  • Retail experts
  • Used by big names
  • Multiple plans


  • Some disappointing features