The use of iPad ePOS systems

For the self-confident entrepreneur, the Internet offers many opportunities. It is no longer a question of online presence by means of a website; much more is possible. By using smart applications a large part of the business can be automated without losing the overview. A good example is the iPad cash register. This application is often used in the hospitality industry, but also in retail. This allows you to let the staff work efficiently and increases productivity.


Full overview at any time

iPad checkout systems record your customers’ orders in real time. The order is recorded via an app on a mobile device such as a smartphone. The central unit, usually an iPad, provides insight into the orders per table and enables you to draw up the final bill per company. If desired, the customer can pay on the spot. If the iPad cash register is combined with a mobile pin device, the customer does not need to leave his or her table. This makes these ePOS apps the most customer-friendly payment systems available today.

Connecting hardware

Working with iPads makes it flexible. You can connect up to eight mobile devices, so that each staff member is able to take orders and register them. Because the data is stored in the cloud, you have access to the current data anywhere in the world. So checking the daily turnover at your holiday address is no problem at all. iPad cash register systems also offer many advantages for your staff. Every staff member can view the current orders per table. Adjusting an order is therefore very easy, without causing any confusion. For the customer it offers the assurance that his or her order is always correctly recorded and executed. This ensures greater efficiency and increased productivity.

Low investment costs

The Central Unit allows you to not only generate an extensive overview, but also to print out the receipts. This is also completely online. The receipt printer is connected to the local network and can be reached via any linked device. Because of the low costs for an iPad checkout, the investment will be recouped in the short term. Connecting your existing equipment is also possible in many cases. Ask about all the possibilities and advantages of using an iPad cash register system in your company.

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