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ShopKeep offers a truly well-rounded iPad POS system for your store or restaurant. Unlike some other POS systems that are just that, a point of sale system, ShopKeep is a true management system that allows you to perform tasks that would otherwise require separate third-party tools.

Many POS systems offer some combination of the features available from ShopKeep; however, one aspect that sets ShopKeep apart is that you pay for what you use. Unlike many POS systems that charge a flat rate and offer features you may never use, ShopKeep is custom tailored to your needs. This does involve a little more effort in the beginning, since you have to explain your needs to a sales rep, but in the end, it means you only pay for the features that you use.


Shopkeep something for you?

ShopKeep is a relatively lightweight POS system that is aimed entirely at small businesses. Specifically, ShopKeep markets itself to small restaurants and beverage vendors. This means it lacks certain features that medium and large scale restaurants need.

As with most POS systems, ShopKeep offers inventory management and a clean, modern UI. This also includes the ability to scan barcodes for easy management of stock. ShopKeep even offers handheld barcode scanners as part of the POS package. What ShopKeep offers that most do not, especially in the same price range, is a mobile app for tracking all of your data while on the go. Want to know how many drinks your staff has served today? Just check your phone.

Perhaps one of the best features of ShopKeep is its employee productivity tracking. The system allows you to track employee productivity and sales. It also functions as a payroll system, quickly allowing you to track employee hours as well as clock in and out times.

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