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About Shopify

Shopify is considered to be one of the famous online platforms since the year 2005. One of the driving forces and veterans in the industry of e-commerce. But since the evolution of the techno age the Shopify launched its very own Shopify POS application.

An awesome ePOS system that is suited for people engaging in the industry of product selling. Whether you have your very own physical store or brick and mortar store, Shopify POS can bring your business to another level.

Why Shopify POS

If your small business is already using Shopify as your marketing platform, then it’s just right to use their POS application. If you want certain upgrades in your online market then the Shopify POS has features that might just give you the thing.

  • Payment Capabilities

If your business has only limited payment options that can be upgraded by the Shopify POS. With this application, you will be able to accept payments in different modes such as visa, master card, gift cards, partial payments, and even split payments.

With that multiple modes of payment at hand, your business will become more versatile and reliable.

  • Discount

With the Shopify POS, you will have access with the discount options. You can now offer different discounts to your loyal customers, frequent buyers and senior citizens. What’s amazing with this POS is, you will be able to track the reliability and effectiveness of the discount you are offering.

  • Checkout Capabilities

If you have the Shopify POS card reader, then checking out from customers is never a problem. Through this you carry out in-person checkouts with ease.

  • Customer Management

You can store multiple or even countless customer information through the use of the Shopify POS. Information such as contact, history of their orders, and shopping routine, of course for the benefit of the business.

But customer management is not limited to those capabilities only. The Shopify will also let you harmonize your online and retail customers without issues and problems.

  • Store Running

If you have multiple stores at your disposal, the Shopify can help you to manage all of them. Shopify POS can track every transaction of your other shops, from order history, daily totals and refunds.

Daily operations are one story, employee management is another. The Shopify POS can also help you to monitor every employee activity.

Equipped with efficient accounting software, the Shopify POS will handle your bookkeeping for you.

  • Reports

If you want to view the monthly reports of your business such as sales, financial transactions, orders and etc. then you can view them in the Shopify POS dashboard. They are organized, and they will surely help you to monitor the progress of your business.

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