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Features of a good Restaurant ePOS system

EPOS systems are quickly replacing traditional POS systems and cash registers, particularly among small businesses. Compared to conventional POS systems, ePOS systems require minimal initial cost and only minor setup, in most cases. This does not mean that all ePOS systems are created equal, however. There are some significant advantages to choosing a restaurant-specific ePOS system over a retail ePOS system.

Restaurant-Specific Inventory

While any robust ePOS system is going to offer an inventory management system, a retail system will generally be focused more towards maintaining a wide variety of products. For a restaurant ePOS system, you do not need as wide of a range of products, but you can benefit significantly from the ability to create recipes. Many ePOS systems designed for restaurants allow you to create and save recipes. The inventory system will then tell you how much each dish costs based on your inventory data. Using this data, you can then determine how much you need to charge to make a profit. It will also let you know which dished earn you the most profit. While being able to track over 100,000 unique products can greatly benefit a retail store, it is unlikely to be of any use in your restaurant. When it comes to restaurant inventory, how you track your inventory is more important than how much you can track.

Table Management

A good restaurant ePOS system will include a table map. A retail POS system will not include a table map since there is no need for this functionality in a retail store. For your restaurant, however, it can greatly increase productivity by giving your staff a simple visual representation of your floorplan.

Track Employee Productivity

Another excellent feature, usually reserved for restaurant ePOS systems is the ability to track employee productivity. With a simple report you can check which employees are ringing up the most orders and, if there is a problem, see which employees are underproductive. These systems generally also include a timesheet system so that your employees can clock in and out from the ePOS, which can then send you their hours on a schedule for running payroll.


If you are looking for an ePOS system for your restaurant, be sure to look for restaurant-specific systems. While you could make a retail system work in your environment, you will not be utilizing the product to its fullest. You will also not see the same improvements to productivity that you would see with a properly tailored system that is explicitly designed to increase restaurant productivity.