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When it comes to running your restaurant, one of the most important tools at your disposal is your POS system. LightSpeed Restaurant offers a full-featured POS system specifically targeted at small to medium sized restaurants at a lower cost than most competitors.

LightSpeed Restaurant is a cloud-based POS system designed to run on Apple iPads. It offers a sleek, easy to use user interface, UI, and several features to make running your restaurant easier and more profitable. The UI is quite intuitive and easy to learn, while the back-end is well rounded and feature rich.

Lightspeed Restaurant ePOS features

he LightSpeed Restaurant POS system offers many features to make life easier for your staff and your customers. It offers inventory reporting for tracking your stock levels as well as mobile ordering for your customers. This means your customers can place their order online without having to go through a third party service, which saves you money while saving your customers time and effort.

Since LightSpeed is cloud-based, it does require an active internet connection for transactions, as most modern POS systems do; however, it does offer an offline mode in the event your internet connection is lost. This allows you to continue taking and preparing orders as well as updating your inventory to a local database until the internet connection is back up. At this point, the system syncs the new data with the cloud database and updates both systems.

Any Downsides to LightSpeed?

As a relative newcomer to the restaurant POS market, LightSpeed is not without its faults. The UI and connection can lag at times; however, this is usually only momentary and does not last for more than a second or two. As a relatively new software, it also lacks integration with some third-party applications. With that in mind, LightSpeed is still undergoing refinement, and the customer service is top-notch.

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9.6 Excellent!


  • Cloud based
  • Mobile ePOS
  • Real time reports
  • iPad based
  • Multiple location
  • Self order menu


  • Comprehensive reports
  • Create Personalised menus
  • CRM management
  • Employee management
  • Order software


  • None