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About Lavu

The foremost committed point-of-sale that came out in the app store is Lavu. Lavu POS directly supports that business that is in the foodservice industries. It has its very interesting features that can be used by large restaurants to small cafes. Applicable for all types of Apple mobile devices such as IPad, iPhone and even the iPod touch. Lavu is specially designed for food and beverage businesses.

Why Lavu POS?

As the foremost IPad-based POS, it has many features that might be interesting to different foods and drinks service businesses. Here are some of its awesome features that might interest you in integrating it in your restaurant or café.

  • Tableside Ordering

Same with other restaurants POS the Lavu POS also has its own tableside ordering. No more paper ad pen instead your server will be bringing an IPad to take the customer’s order. But there are a few tricks with the Lavu POS. If you have the hottest product on our menu, it can be easily accessible as it will be placed at the top part of the screen.

Not only that, it has its “hold and fire” selection that will enable your server to allocate orders and be managed at different times.

  • Delivery Capabilities

If your food and drinks business is offering delivery services, then you can use the delivery option of the Lavu POS. It has routing features that will assign specific routes to specific drivers.

  • Menu Management

If you modify your menu, then the Lavu has custom menu features that you can use. Through this you can create and consign modifiers to certain items. The Lavu POS also has the combo feature where it will enable you to create or modify your menu to create combo meals and allocate them as single menu item.

  • Managing your Inventories

Of course, it is important to keep on track of your stock inventories, but it’s a tedious work if you do it manually. With the help of the Lavu POS you inventory tracking will be an easy fix.

Inventory capabilities of the Lavu do not stop there. If you are running low on stock then the Lavu will help you to communicate with your warehouse for more. Or, if you want to transfer stocks to another place, the Lavu POS is also capable of doing it for you.

  • Employee Management

Create schedules for your employees using the Lavu POS. You can also use this POS to track the time in and out of every employee. Anything regarding your employees such as change shifts, split tips, arranging pay rates will be made easier for you by the Lavu POS.

  • Reporting

If you want to view the monthly reports and transactions of the business, you can use the Lavu POS. The Lavu POS keeps track of the reports of your business or the performance of your restaurant. If you want to narrow down your search the Lavu POS will redirect you to the hourly or daily reports of the business.


The Lavu contains everything that you want for your business. It can help you to manage the daily operation of your restaurant or restaurants. Work will be easier because of Lavu POS, and your business will surely progress.

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